Battle of the Balms: Rimmel London, Wet N Wild, Jordana and Revlon

Hey girls, today I thought I would do a video since I haven't done one in two weeks! This one is called Battle of the Balms. In this video I compare various of colors from different balms from Rimmel London, Wet N Wild, Jordana and Revlon. Since I am such a sucker for balms, I thought I would compare the ones I own. I show swatches of different shades next to each other and also talk about my recommendations. 

I love doing these type of videos, so if you want me to post anymore battle videos let me know and I would love to make one featuring different type of beauty products and brands! Be sure to check out the video below and also like & subscribe!! 

What is your favorite balms?


  1. I like Revlon Balm Stains for lip base. Haven't tried the new ones, though.
    Tarte makes good balm stains as well, I think. ;)
    Thanks for the comparison!

  2. I'm dying to get my hands on the new Revlon balms, they look amazing :). Very informative video! x.

  3. LOVE this! I am obsessed with balm sticks! My favorite are the revlon matte balms!

    - Andrea Marie xx